Grinding Media

Grinding Media

High Quality Zirconia Grinding Media

High Quality Zirconia Grinding Media YTZ® has a solid reputation for (nano) grinding and dispersion. YTZ® is manufactured by Nikkato Corporation, one of Japan's leading ceramic manufacturer and a pioneer in the development of strength enhanced zirconia ceramics.



Empowered by the unique properties of ceramics, YTZ® is resistant to rust and corrosion making it compatible with water-based processes. YTZ® Grinding media, produced from yttria-stabilized zirconia powder, exhibits superior grinding efficiency because of higher density, and has superior wear resistance due to high crushing strength and durability. YTZ® Grinding Media is almost perfectly spherical with a narrow size distribution. This combined with YTZ®’s high density provides superior productivity and eliminates product contamination from both media and mill parts.

Media Surface

Media Surface

Best Milling Performance 

Media Shape

Media Shape

Precise Milling 

Cross Section

Cross Section

Virtually no internal defects 



Outstanding wear resistance 


Pharmaceutical - Biomedical - Dental - Battery/Electronics - Food - Cosmetics - Ceramics - Ink/Paints

Available Sizes

Ultra fine grinding
Size (mm) Bulk density (Kg/L)
0.03 3.5
0.05 3.55
0.1 3.7
0.2 3.7
Size (inch) Bulk density (Kg/L)
3/8 3.6
1/2 3.6
Size (mm) Bulk density (Kg/L)
0.3 3.9
0.4 3.9
0.5 3.9
0.65 3.8
0.8 3.8
1.0 3.8
1.25 3.8
1.5 3.8
1.75 3.7
Size (mm) Bulk density (Kg/L)
2 3.7
2.3 3.7
2.7 3.7
3 3.7
5 3.6
10 3.5
15 3.4
20 3.3
25 3.2

Pharmaceuticals and Biomedical

Ideal solution for particle reduction in wet milling processes for all materials including pharmaceutical products.

YTZ® Advantages

  • Support in documentation and QA/QC approvals
  • Narrow size distribution
  • Proven to be the finest product particle size with the narrowest size distribution
  • Batch to batch consistency
  • Product reliability 30+ plus year continuous production
  • Lowest wear rate
  • Compatibility with water based processes
  • Traceability from raw material to product
  • Suitable for all types of mills including high energy high throughput equipment


YTZ® Quality

Tosoh’s Zirconia powder has the highest quality worldwide, quality which is inherited also by YTZ® Grinding Media. YTZ® consists of high purity YSZ without heavy metals and without solvents. Moreover YTZ® manufacturing process has a high compatibility with use in pharmaceutical milling, dispersion or size reduction. Please contact Tosoh's offices for more information.



Tosoh and Nikkato have developed a comprehensive quality control system that allows the customer to trace the product from raw material Zirconia using lot/batch number. 

Tosoh Traceability.png

YTZ® is a trademark of Nikkato Corporation