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Sodium Styrene Sulfonate – Spinomar® NaSS

This highly reactive vinyl monomer contains a hydrophilic sulfonate group. Significant advantages of NaSS as compared with other monomers are low toxicity and high thermal stability. NaSS is widely used to improve dyeability of acrylic and polyester fibers. Other applications include reactive emulsifiers for water-borne coatings and anti-static agents for textiles, plastics, and papers. Fields of application include water treatment, photography and paper manufacturing.

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Paint Applications


2,2,2-Trifluoroethylmethacrylate – Fluorester®

Unlike polymers whose main chain contains fluorine, Fluorester with a side chain fluorine group shows excellent water repellency and stain resistance. Fluorester is also cost effective as it is the lowest cost fluorinated monomer on the market. In addition to stain resistant paints (Industrial and Architectural), Fluorester has found a number of other applications in Contact lenses, Adhesives, Optical Fibers, Photoresists, Cosmetics and Medical Applications, etc. 

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Precipitated Silica – Matting Agents

Tosoh Silica Corporation produces a wide range of silicas. Basic silicas used in synthetic rubber products such as tires, belts, rolls, and footwear are generally not available in the USA. However, a number of unique specialty grades such as Nipsil® E-1011 used in soft touch applications and as a matting agent for plastic are available. Another unique grade Tosoh Silica offers is the hydro-phobic Nipsil SS grades which are renown for their narrow particle size distribution and are available coated or uncoated. Unique coatings include an amine coating or a methylsiloxane.  Learn More

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