Sodium Styrenesulfonate

SPINOMAR® NaSS (CAS 2695-37-6) 

SPINOMAR NaSS is a registered trademark for Tosoh Corporation’s patented hemihydrate form of sodium styrenesulfonate. 

This novel product form exhibits better stability, reduced polymerization in storage and reduced lumping in storage than standard grades. The hemihydrate form is covered by U.S. Patent 5,898,083 and Japan Patent JP36012222.

Sodium styrenesulfonate (NaSS) is a highly reactive vinyl monomer containing a hydrophilic sulfonate group. Significant advantages of NaSS as compared with other monomers are low toxicity and high thermal stability. NaSS is widely used to improve dyeability of acrylic and polyester fibers. Other applications include reactive emulsifiers for water-borne coatings and anti-static agents for textiles, plastics, and papers. Fields of application include water treatment, photography and paper manufacturing. 

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Polystyrenesulfonate Homopolymers and Copolymers

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Styrene Sulfonate Derivatives

Product Properties Specification
Sodium p-styrenesulfonate SPINOMAR® NaSS

Sodium 4-vinylbenzenesulphonate m.p.  330ºC  Appearance  White Solid 
CAS Number:  2695-37-6 b.p.    Purity (%)  84-92 min.
METI:  3-1903 f.p.  - NaBr (%)  4 max.
TSCA:  Registered NaOH (%)  1 max.
EINECS:  220-266-3 Na2SO4 (%)  1 max.
Status:  C
Packing:  25kg carton box Patents: U.S. 5,898,083 / JP 3601222
Formula:  C8H7NaO3S
Product Properties Specification 
Sodium p-styrenesulfonate Homo-Polymer PolyNaSS 

Appearance Clear liquid
Grade     Molecular Weight (x1000) Viscocity
(mPA • s, 25ºC
pH (25ºC)
CAS Number:  25704-18-1 PS-1 10-30 5-10 7-9
METI:  6-1040  PS-5  50-10 20-50 7-9
TSCA:  Registered PS-50 400-60 200-500 7-9
EINECS:  - PS-100 800-1200 800-1600 8-11
Status:  C
Packing:  20kg can / 200kg drum
Formula:  (C8H8O3S.Na)x
Product Properties Specification 
Sodium p-styrenesulfonate / Styrene copolymer PolyNaSS

Appearance: Pale yellow liquid
Grade   Molecular Weight (x104) Active Solid Content ST/NaSS mol ratio Viscocity
(mPA • s, 25ºC
pH (25ºC)
CAS Number:  31619-79-1 ST-5008L 0.6-0.9 20-22 1:1 4-6 6-9
METI:  6-122 ST-5005 3-5 20-22 1:1 6-10 6-9
TSCA:  Registered ST-6001 1-2 20-22 6:4 5-15 6-9
EINECS:  Each monomer listed    
Status:  Confirm
Packing:  Confirm
Formula:  Confirm
Product Properties Specification
Lithium p-styrenesulfonate SPINOMAR®

CAS Number:  4551-88-6 m.p. 325ºC  Appearance  White Solid
b.p. Purity (%) 81.0 min.
METI:  3-1948 f.p. -
TSCA:  Registered d
Status:  C
Packing:  20kg bag
Formula:  C8H7LiO3S
Product Properties Specification
Ethyl p-styrenesulfonate EtSS

CAS Number: 16736-98-4 m.p.  Appearance  Pale yellow liquid
b.p.   150ºC / 0.26 k Pa Purity (%) 95 min.
METI:  - f.p.   73ºC
TSCA:  - 1.16
Status:  D
Packing:  -
Formula:  C10H12SO3
Product Properties Specification
p-tert Butoxystyrene PTBS

tert-Butyl p-vinylphenyl ether m.p.  Appearance Pale yellow liquid
CAS Number:  95418-58-9 b.p.  92ºC / 0.67 k Pa Purity (%) 84-92 min. min.
METI:  3-4138 f.p.  126ºC Color (APHA) 100 max.
TSCA:  - 0.933 Acidity (as HCL) max.
EINECS:  -     Water Content (%) 100 max.
Status:  C
Packing:  180kg drum
Formula:  C12H16O  
Product Properties Specification
p-Acetoxystyrene PACS

Phenol, 4-ethenyl-, acetate m.p.  Appearance Pale yellow liquid
CAS Number:  2638-16-2 b.p.  100ºC / 0.67 k Pa Purity (%) 99.0 min.
METI:  2-2784 f.p.  - Color (APHA) 100 max.
TSCA:  Registered Acidity (As HCl) max.
EINECS:  - Water Content (%) 200 max.
Status:  C
Packing:  200kg drum
Formula:  C10H10O2
Product Properties Specification
p-(1-Ethoxyethoxy)styrene PEES

CAS Number:  157057-20-0 m.p.  Appearance Pale yellow liquid
b.p.  87ºC / 0.13 k Pa Purity (%) 98.5 min.
METI:  3-4590 f.p.  120ºC Color (APHA) 100 max.
TSCA:  - 0.989 Acidity (As HCl) max.
EINECS:  -     Water Content (%) 100 max.
Status:  C
Packing:  180kg drum
Formula:  C12H16O2